Keukenhof Gardens

Outside of Amsterdam sits the “Garden of Europe” – 79 acres of countless flowers in all colors of the rainbow that was originally 15th century hunting ground

The Garden was established in 1949 to bolster the Dutch export industry as the Netherlands is the largest exporter of flowers in the world. Each autumn, more than 7 million flower bulbs are planted across the garden’s grounds.

Keukenhof Gardens is only open to the public from mid-March to mid-May each year with the peak time to visit being mid-April.

The Keukenhof’s draw is not just the beautiful flowers, but the variety of gardens contained within it. There is an English landscape garden with winding paths perfect for a stroll. A historical garden where one can observe many types of bulbs from days past. The nature garden is a water garden featuring shrubs and perennials alongside bulb plants. These are just a few of the unique gardens available for exploration in this beautiful place.

Though most visitors during Tulip Time in the Netherlands may be expecting endless rows and fields of tulips, these are not what is featured at Keukenhof, but can be seen just outside of the Gardens grounds.

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