The Big Peach

The first time I went to Atlanta I was 13 and it was my first year of marching band. Our band director hyped Atlanta like it was the shining lights of NYC. He told us we’d get to experience pop culture history at The World of Coca-Cola, step in front of a green screen at CNN, eat the best burger of our lives at the Varsity, explore like real city folk at the Underground, and see the coolest aquarium we could imagine.

He was right! We did all of that and more in this Southern jewel that has only grown more exciting in the roughly 15 years since I first visited. Atlanta is considered a close neighbor and, to my peers and I, the closest “big city” we had growing up in Florida (I know some may be thinking “what about Miami?” but what can I say? Kids are weird.)

Atlanta is the most-populous city in Georgia, is home of the world’s busiest airport, and has a growing influence in Hollywood as more and more TV shows and films flock to “The Hollywood of the South” to film their productions.

While in Atlanta, take a tour of famous movie and TV sites that you may recognize from popular productions such as the Walking Dead, Smokey and the Bandit, and over 1,500 other productions that have filmed in Atlanta since 1972.

The Georgia Aquarium resides in Centennial Olympic Park that was built for the 1996 Olympics, but now houses the 100,000 animals that call the aquarium’s 10 million gallons of water home.

One of our tour groups at the CNN Headquarters in 2018

CNN’s World Headquarters is located in Atlanta and offers visitors the opportunity to see the news process from research to live reporting with the additional fun of interactive elements that let you live the reality of a news reporter for a few minutes.

Atlanta is the closer, sweeter version of the big cities we know and love. There’s culture, cuisine, and Southern Hospitality in Georgia’s metropolitan mecca.

Ready to check it out (for the first time or the 10th)? Join us for a fun-filled trip to discover all the growing Atlanta has to offer! Click Here for flyer with full details.

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