Discovering Patagonia

It seems that everywhere we look right now, it is all about Patagonia (the region, not the brand)! So we decided to give a quick overview for those wondering what the big deal is with this region.

You may have heard of Patagonia in relation to some of the celebrities who own land there like Ted Turner, Sylvester Stallone, and Luciano Benetton. Though they own land in this region, most development is blocked due to the protected status of the region and its wildlife.

Patagonia is a sparsely populated region at the southern section of the Andes Mountains in South America. The region is actually in two countries; about 90% in Argentina and the remaining 10% in Chile. The population across this vast – more than 400,000 square miles – region is less then 2 million people with a density of only 5 people per square mile. The hardy inhabitants of Patagonia rely on mostly livestock raising of sheep, mining, and agriculture for their economy.

Patagonia boasts almost every kind of terrain: it has coasts on three oceans, plains with ponds and lakes of brackish water, the largest ice fields in the Southern Hemisphere outside of Antarctica, and plateaus created by volcanic eruptions.

Summer in Patagonia lasts from December to March, though it’s climate is mostly cool and dry all year around.

Wildlife is abundant with some species that can be seen nowhere else on Earth. Patagonia is home to the llama’s relative the guanaco, cougars, the Patagonian Fox, also called the Gray Zorro, the Megellanic Tuco-Tuco, a sub-terranean rodent, and more. For birdwatchers, Patagonia is a paradise inhabited by the flightless Darwin’s Rhea, Austral parakeets, the Green-backed Firecrown hummingbird, the enormous Andean Condor, and the Chilean Flamingo among others.

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