Pat’s Travel Tips

Pat has been traveling a long time and has picked up some tricks along the way. Consider these ideas when getting ready for your next vacation:

Pack Light! This is so important to make sure you aren’t bogging yourself down and essentially just carrying your laundry to a new place and then carrying it home. Pat suggests packing the week before, then “unpacking” all the non essentials a day or two before you leave. This gives you time to really consider if you NEED that 6th pair of shoes for your 3 night getaway.

Leave your problems at home! Pat has a saying when she heads out on the road with groups; she tells them “throw your troubles out here, we’ll pick them up on the way back!” This is excellent advice. You are spending your hard earned money and valuable time to go on a trip, don’t spend the whole trip worrying about things back home. Enjoy the trip! Pat promises your problems will be there when you get back.

Make a list! You’re thinking “Everyone knows that!” But here is the thing, everyone might know that making a list is a good idea, but, be honest, do you do it every time? Pat recommends putting literally EVERYTHING on your list: clothes, chargers, shoes, medication, etc. She also says you should do this well in advance of your trip. We have all packed the night before, running around, stuffing things in the bag “just in case.” Make the list, follow the list, enjoy the trip.

Use a Travel Agent! Yes, this is a bit of a self-plug, but seriously, it is FREE. It costs no extra and then you don’t have to even think about all the tiny details of planning a trip. You just pick a spot and then you get ready for your adventure, easy peasy. Also, if you have an issue while you’re on a trip, you know exactly who to call for help!

Thanks for checking in! Now get out there and go!


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