Snapshots from the Road #3

Hello again! I’m back to catch you up on more highlights of our trip. This time it’s Texas Edition!

We made it to Sea Rim State Park which is a very remote area of the Texas coastline. There were MILES of unspoiled beached and kayak trails that we were excited to explore. This area is truly nature’s paradise! Insider tip: Do NOT forget your bug spray. We were there at dusk and it was mosquito central.

Galveston Island State Park was in a fun coastal town that had great restaurants and lots of personality with all its pastel painted houses. We did a lot of outdoor activities including biking and kayaking here and, so far, this is my favorite place we have stopped.

San Antonio is a big, vibrant town FULL of culture and heritage. There is a lot to do here and could be a trip all on its own! There’s a neat river walk, boat rides on the river, mission trail for hiking, and don’t forget the Alamo (see what I did there?).

About 1.5 hours outside of San Antonio is a wonderful little German town, Fredericksburg, that boasts lots of shopping, wineries, and a huge flea market one weekend a month that is worth planning around. It’s also the home of Wildseed Farms, a fun gem we found that has a HUGE field of wildflowers behind the store and is the largest working wildflower farm in the US.


I’ve learned some new trailer tips since my last update! Even though I am all about traveling light, make sure you pack some tools for small repairs, including Gorilla Glue, duct tape, and a few hand tools. You’ll be glad to not be completely helpless if something breaks unexpectedly! I’ve also learned to make time in the activity list to hang around the trailer at least a half day each week to clean, do laundry, and generally tidy up the living spaces. The smaller the space, the quicker the build up!

Thanks for checking in!


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