Snapshots from the Road #2

Hello again!

We recently passed through Biloxi, Mississippi and of course had to stop at the Golden Nugget, I wish I could tell you I won big, but no. Our prize was boon-docking in the parking lot. Boon-docking means we camped in the parking lot with no power and no water. It was quite the adventure! We were not the only RV there, so there was a little sense of community that tends to happen when travelers are in the vicinity of each other. We found a great little waterfront park and marina that we explored and enjoyed thoroughly. It had a path that let us get right up to the water underneath an overpass area.


It was so hot! Luckily, we are used to that coming from Florida, but it was still a bit oppressive; especially when we were in the RV with no power for A/C! I am just thinking of it as practice for Texas, which is where we are headed next. First few stops planned are Sea Rim State Park and Galveston Island. Ready to see if those stars are really big and bright!

Stay tuned for my next update from the Lone Star State!


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