Snapshots from the Road #1

Hello from the road!

Our first stop was Falling Waters State Park in Chipley, Florida. It was such a beautiful area that made me feel creative enough to start referring to this portion of the trip as Waterfalls, Wolves, and Waterways. Don’t worry, the wolves part doesn’t come from any misfortune. Chipley is home to the Seacrest Wolf Preserve and though we did not have time to visit this trip, we have definitely added it to our list of things to do next time we are in this area of Florida!

Falling Waters State Park was a great stop filled with hiking, boardwalks, and waterfalls. Boardwalks as park paths seem to be a distinctly Floridian touch that I was happy to see extended all over this park.

As we’ve traveled, I’ve had to adjust to life on the road. Living in a 24 foot trailer with another person is tough! Luckily, we haven’t killed each other…yet! Here are a few of my newly acquired tips for trailer life:

  • When you don’t have much space, it’s important that EVERYTHING has a home. If it doesn’t, do you really need it?
  • Only grocery shop every 3 days or so to save space in those tiny refrigerators.
  • Bring lots of bungee cords! We have been discovering they come in handy all the time.

These practical tips are helpful, but my number 1 piece of advice is be open minded and do your best not to get wound up when things go wrong. We learned during our first few stops that the outlets in the trailer weren’t working. Luckily, we got them fixed, but keeping a positive attitude in the face of issues will make your whole trip better.

Happy Trails!


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