Anne’s Travel Tips

When I started compiling my “top travel tips” for a Facebook post, I found that I had too many to fit comfortably! So, here we are! Advantage Cruises & Tours’ first ever blog post.

Here are my tips, plus a few passed along from clients:

Fun & Savings:

  • Cruise Ship Savings – If you’re looking get buzzed on a budget, try ordering a simple drink, like a rum & coke, with well rum to get the most bang for your buck.
    • Bonus Tip: Experienced travelers already know, but almost all cruise lines will allow you to bring aboard a bottle of wine or a six-pack of beer, so be sure to take advantage!
  • Breakfast – Pack instant oatmeal or breakfast bars to avoid paying for overpriced hotel breakfasts every morning.
  • Sharing Space – On cruise ships, bring an extension cord with a power strip. Most cabins only have 1 or 2 outlets and with all of our devices these days, you’re going to need more power.
  • Eating – Be mindful of what you eat depending on what you want out of your vacation. Protein rich meals keep you awake, high carb meals make you sleepy, fatty foods make you sluggish.
  • Planes – I often have trouble sleeping on planes, but I have found that if I eat a big candy bar – once I crash from the sugar high – I’m ready to nap. Feel free to use this as an excuse to eat candy bars on vacation!

Health & Safety:

  • Baggage Tags – Don’t advertise your address when you’re away from home! Just put your cell phone number and initials, so you can be contacted if your luggage is lost.
    • Bonus Tip: Put your contact information outside like always, but also put it inside your luggage in case the outside tag is damaged.
  • Just in Case – Leave copies of your itinerary and travel documents at home in case of an emergency.
  • Jet Lag – While on the plane: stay hydrated, do small exercises, and think local time to avoid wasting days of your vacation catching up on sleep or feeling off.
  • Seasickness – Eat a bit of green apple or take a whiff of some candied ginger or orange rind to soothe an upset stomach.
  • Split your Valuables – Make sure all your money, credit cards, and travel documents aren’t in the same place. No reason to make a problem like misplacing your purse even more stressful by losing everything together!
    • Bonus Tip: I know some people when traveling in a couple will usually have one party responsible for all the important things, make certain you split it up, so if someone loses a wallet you aren’t completely lost.

I hope these will be helpful to you as you travel and explore.

Let me know your best travel tips in the comments!

Happy trails!

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